Saturday, December 02, 2006

I have been focusing on riding my bike and playing music when I am not being a Taylor guitar expert. Pam and I took some time off in October and traveled to North Carolina for some hiking and a visit with her dad. The photo above was shot up on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina near Asheville. I'm guessing we timed the fall colors pretty well. The modern age (see title of this entry) is interesting. I started having some issues with email while on the trip and the problems grew until this past week and now the tide of trouble seems to be ebbing. There is no question at all that the life of Guitar Rodeo depends on the web and functioning email. Business is quiet now that there has been a few weeks of disjointed execution in regard to responding to inquiries and getting things done for people. My popularity had grown a lot this summer and fall on the Acoustic Guitar Forum (AGF). I have sold to several people there and they like my service and my prices. However, it came to my attention that emails from people were being bounced back and that the web site was not posted. This means I am out of business if the problem isn't repaired. The issues are fixed now, what with a new server farm being used by my web host and a new registrar for my domain name. Hopefully, business will trickle back and things will go better. Meanwhile, I ride in the cold and the Gentlemen's ride has moved to Sunday so we can start later when it is warmer. I have spruced up my cold weather gear and the riding is exilirating. Soon, the conditions will warrant switching to the old Gitane slop bike as it would be unwise to ride the Ottrott on the messy winter roads. I already rode the old bike a couple of times and switched back to the Serotta. There is no comparison. I am hoping the winter riding passes quickly as I will be glad to get back on the Ottrott in Spring.