Saturday, April 29, 2006

It is time for another entry in order to maintain the interest of the 60 or so people who drop by this blog weekly...

In the last installment, our hero had just moved his store into a new location. This event happened within ten days of his realizing he needed to find a new store, execute a lease, give notice and move the stuff out of the old and into the new. Done. Week one of the new month was design the new space and demolish the old store decor. Week two was procure the drywall, lumber and electrical components, frame the walls and move the electrical outlets to where they needed to be. Week three was drywall and mud all the time. Week four turned out to be the same as week three as the construction crew rebelled and demanded that the bike was being ridden daily in the warmest and most pleasant April in the history of the state. Meanwhile, guitar sales were strong and the folks who give me my paycheck needed to get their guitars as if Guitar Rodeo was there for them and not a temporary construction firm on a work slow down/early season training regimen. The photos today represent progress to date. The new showroom (lower photo) is going to be cool. The one wall has to "float" in order for the heat and cool to circulate throughout the entire store. The upper photo is from the same perspective as the interior shot in the last post and shows how different things look now. I will post another view next week, I promise.


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