Tuesday, April 04, 2006

These are the before photos of my new guitar store. My old location was a 45 minute drive from where I live, and the old landlord was of a mind to get twice the rent he was getting from the space only thirteen months earlier. I just couldn't do that so I gave notice and moved closer to home and into a better and bigger space. My drive time is about five minutes now. The outside is already cool and the location is a great spot to have a store. The inside needs a lot of work, which I would be doing now instead of blogging but I need to take a break now and then and keep the guitars moving. One of the motivating factors in making the move is that I am now the largest Taylor dealer in Minnesota. In the world of guitars, like so many other worlds, the big dog gets to choose where he lays. I was in my first spot because it satisfied the requirement that I not impose on the territory of the existing dealers. When I asked Taylor what they thought about this location they were pretty easy going about it. I hope it works out. I am going to use the hour and a half of extra time I now have every day (by not driving so far to work) to ride the Ottrott and get lean and mean again. Things are looking up. I am a lucky guy.


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