Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Nieman Marcus does an over the top Christmas catalog every year wherein they offer things us mere mortals wonder at. They came to Gruppo one year to commission the company to produce what became known to us as the "Dorothy Lamp", pictured here. This one is the original prototype and is about 30 inches tall. The base is cast bronze and the tornado is glass. This item was to be part of a Wizard of Oz bedroom set that was going for around 100 grand. The designer, who flew in from New York to work with us on this project, wanted more orange in the tornado shade, so this one became a spare and I had the rest of the lamp made from the molds and kept this one for a gift. Not very visible in these photos is the high level of detail in the base, which shows the witches bicycle leaning against the picket fence in front of Dorothy's house and the Gypsy style wagon (actually these are called sheep camps but I only get puzzled looks when I call them that [which isn't often I admit]) belonging to Professor Marvel. I gave this one to my ex-wife for Christmas one year and now my youngest daughter has it in her room. We did not get any orders for additional lamps, therefore only two of these exist. I think that probably Neiman Marcus did not get any takers for the Wizard of Oz bedroom set at 100 g's each. I keep an eye out on Antiques Roadshow for the other lamp to appear. It could happen.

Now that I have tied into the metals company with a link to cycling, I will give an exercise report. I joined the YWCA with a friend this winter and it is turning out to be the best winter exercise routine move I ever made. I go on a regular basis and run and do workout stations as well as sit-ups and crunches and stuff. I am working all non-cycling muscle groups and it feels really good. I am looking forward to getting back on the bike in the Spring. I can get my exercise in without having to feel like I should soldier through the crappy streets on my fixed gear suffering like a dog and freezing my hinder off. I have always known about cross training and knew I should do it but this winter I am. We have been talking about swimming and that sounds really good too. All in all, I am staying much more active during the toughest part of the year to keep in shape.


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