Saturday, December 10, 2005

Today we have, for your edification, a 2004 30th anniversary Special Edition Taylor XXX-RS. I snapped a couple of shots to show the client what the guitar looked like. He lives in The Netherlands and wanted to see what he had coming to him. It is a beautiful guitar, as are most Taylors. I have been deeply impressed with the consistent quality of the Taylor instruments that pass by me. In addition, Taylor has proven to be an easy company to work with. They like to schedule things well in advance and I do too. Consequently, my production/shipping schedule is accurate and held to. This makes life much easier for everyone. It enables me to build a company that can perform reliably for the customer and at the same time be managable on my end in terms of having a balance of inventory. Lately, Guitar Rodeo has been growing rapidly and I am really excited that I will (seemingly) be able to make a living doing something I enjoy and am an expert at. Did I say expert? Some may wonder if I am, as I profess (and frequently blog to that effect) to be a banjoist. I am a journeyman guitarist. That is to say, I know the chord shapes and can pick tunes and even improvise. My skills on the guitar are advanced, but folks will pay me to play the banjo, hence I am banjo-boy. I love guitar. I have opinions and have much knowledge about them. In my youth I did professional guitar repair and sold them as well as practiced on them. One of my enduring fantasies is to sit around the kitchen table with nothing much else to do but work out fiddle tunes with the flat pick and maybe do a little reading through of some Segovia scales or bringing a note for note Django piece up to speed.


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