Thursday, December 08, 2005

I have been getting a lot of page views and visits from people who I assume came here from fatty's site. Therefore, its time for another bike entry. If you are interested in custom architectural metal work, the last couple of entries were for you. If you are a guitarist, you are my real target audience but please be patient. I will post some cool Taylor pictures and some (hopefully) amusing anecdotes soon. It is now too cold to bike here in Minnesota. It has been in the unseasonable minus range for the past week. It is warming up and this weekend I vow to get the fixie out in the salt and slush. I know there are diehard types who will ride in low temperatures. I used to do that and I grew out of it. At least give me over twenty farenheit with no wind. I have the requisite rubber faced tights and lots of cold weather gear. It doesn't matter what you wear because you feets gonna freeze, brudda. Those pedals are a remarkable heat sink and the handlebars do a fine job of draining warmth too. After an hour in the cold it isn't fun any more. I have been running, but even that is problematic with zero temps. Push-ups and situps help some. I am even thinking about the rowing machine and sometimes I think about the wind trainer. Oof. I'll keep thinking because that's easier than acting on any of these thoughts. My end game is a long life in reasonable shape and not a personal best iron man triathalon time. I will go through the fixie and make sure it is up to snuff. I have a set of 700c X 25c tires for it to get a bigger footprint. They are baldies which I figure will not be a problem. The streets are salty and dirty but not icy and I am probably not going to try the trails. Maybe a twenty five mile spin around the big lake and call it good.


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