Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I have been busy with completing the new store remodel, selling guitars, riding my bike, doing fun stuff with Pamela, and building metal projects as a specialty fabricator. I am posting some pictures of the completed store today and offering my apology to anyone who has been checking this blog to see if I would ever publish again. I will toss out more pix as I come back to the blog with more entries. I have been playing banjo quite a bit. This coming weekend, Pamela and I will travel to Bayfield Wisconsin so I may perform at a wedding with Bill, Kathe and Lincoln. We will hang around in some of the most picturesque scenery anywhere and I will be able to pay for the trip playing the banjo. It should be very sweet.

The store is now officially open and Taylor sent my Regional Sales Manager and two technicians to my store yesterday. They had published to their email list and on their web site that they were going to do this. The technicians restrung and analyzed the condition of customers' guitars. They put new strings on, adjusted and/or reset necks, adjusted bridge height, and even dressed frets for anyone who brought their Taylor guitar to my store. I would guess that upwards of thirty to forty people showed up with their Taylors in hand during the four hours they were there. It was a lot of fun and the players who brought their guitars to the store were very happy they did.